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Saturday, April 26, 2014
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Saturday, May 24th
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City of Princeton July 4th Spectacular
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July 3, 2014
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May 6, 2014
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Guest Speaker:  Phil Anthony/Superintendent PISD
Topic:  Bond Election on May 10th
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April  2014
Winslow's Custom Buildings, LLC
Frank Manners, Owner
1245 Audie Murphy Parkway
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Princeton High School
Career Development Program

The purpose of the Career Development Program at Princeton High School is not only to provide time during the regular school day for their employment but also to give those students about to leave high school an understanding of the hope, vision, and strength needed to overcome the challenges they will be faced with as they enter the workforce or continue their higher education or technical training.

The opportunity to enter the Career Development Program begins in the student's junior year. The only requirement is the student must be employed. The employer will periodically be visited by the career coordinator to follow up on their performance and provide assistance that may be necessary to help the student employee meet their employers' goals and objectives.

The career Development Program curriculum is a follows:

Character Traits:
" Being Proactive. This means to take responsibility for ones actions. " Begin with the end in mind. This discusses the importance of creating your own destiny and establishing goals. To develop a clear picture where the student wants to go with their life.

" Put first things first. This involves the importance of determining the difference between what is important and urgent, important and not urgent, not urgent but important, and not urgent and not important. In other words, how ones time is spent. " Think win-win. This deals with attitude toward life, a mental frame of mind that says, I can win, and so can you. This is the foundation of getting along well with other people.

" Seek first to understand, then be understood. This means to listen first and talk second. To see things from another's point of view before sharing your own. " Synergize. The key here is understanding when two or more people work together they can accomplish more. To understand that it is not necessarily an attitude of my way or the highway.

" Sharpen the saw. This is all about keeping yourself sharp so that you can better deal with life. It is important to regularly renew and strengthen one's body, brain, heart, and soul. To make sure you are on the track you have laid out for yourself.

This teaches marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, and a production to business by participating in a computer simulation of owning and managing a retail store. The student learns about pricing, purchasing, staffing, promotion, merchandising, location selection, security, financing, and more.

Business Management:
Students start a new business and grow their business over several simulated months. As they become more profitable, the move to new levels which present additional business challenges. Students develop a strong sense of ownership and work.

This is similar to the Business Management simulation but the student will own and operate a football sports franchise. They will be responsible for growing their franchise over several simulated seasons. As they become more profitable, the move to new levels, which present additional challenges. Students compete for the highest profit directly against each other in the same simulated league. This is an exciting and motivating format.

If you have any questions or would like some additional information do not hesitate to contact me. At Princeton High School we believe in shaping today's minds for tomorrow.

Bob Lovelady
Princeton High School
469-952-5400, Ext. 4005

The Princeton Area Chamber of Commerce supports the Princeton High School Career Development Program
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